Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hello peeps!

It's been so long since I wrote something here.. but here's a short update on me.

I've really enjoyed this semester and there's only 3 more weeks left before I go home.

I currently have a one week break which I will use to clean up my room and pack so that I will not have to rush during the next 3 weeks.

It's not cold here anymore.. OMG.. we've been having weather warmer than california on somedays.. hahaha... Amazing!!

I'm doing well in my classes here... So far it's still a nice string of A's, really thank God for all the classes this semester.

Can't wait to go back to see Wy Lyn, but still wondering what to do the entire summer.. haha. I need some plans.

Well that's about it. I really like it here in Hiram now, actually hoping this 3 week last longer than usual since alot of my friends will be graduating and I won't see them till God knows when

Friday, 9 April 2010


Hellloooooooooo! (echos...)

Is anyone out there?? Bab? Bri? Steffie? Ah chai? David? Neoh?...(no need to even put Jon's name here)

Okay, I shall be the very first to post something up here for year 2010 =)

Jovy and I have been pretty Internet-less for the past couple of weeks, seems like everything's just not going our way with regards to the Internet. Oh wellll, WE FINALLY GOT IT TODAY! *rejoice* So yea, hence the blog post.

On another note, Happy (Belated) Easter guys!! Hope your Easter weekend was lovely =) Jovy and I have a one week break and he went off to Melbourne this morning (GASP, HE MISSED HIS FLIGHT! -but I dunno why. Will update further when I find out!) for his UMNO Football Cup. I, on the other hand, just got back from Byron Bay with Aaron, who flew down for 2 weeks, after a 3 day 2 nights stay. It was wonderful! We went kayaking and saw two turtles! No dolphins though, sadly. Will post up pics on Fb soon!

Okay, so what's going on over on your side guys?? UPDATE!!

Bab, how did the trip go? Please please please say the drive was safe!

Steffie, how's things back home? Skype soon and tell me all about it!

BRIDGET! Mana lu?! Oh oh oh, how was THE BAHAMAS (Damn girl, of all the cool places to be ;) !!)

Ah Chai! How's things going over on your side? Looks like it's going well for you and Wy Lyn =)

Neoh! Monopoly! Hehehe, how's working in KL?

David, when are you coming down to Brissie?!

Miss you guys! Much love!!!!!!!!

Monday, 2 November 2009

whats growing up? OPEN MY EYES :)

i learnt and realize so much as time pass
i love you girls SO much, thanks for taking it all and still standing by me. youve proven worthy ;)
jk, ps:im sorrryyy for past hurts. oh and you guys rock my flops!

love alwyas,

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Hi peeps!
I'm now in the library, and i have ANOTHER mid term in like 45 minutes.
Doing my last review. The workload has been CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY!
I miss you shitssss and I'll post something longer soon because I have to continue studying!
I hope all is well with EVERYONE.


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

you were born in the zoo

lets sing for david the worm! happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to david happy birthday to you.

yeahh chelle, i had a caR accident, i langgared a car in the rain SNIIIFFF :( HUGS

should renaldo go to guangzhou this november? he's got a race there... hmmmmmmm i wanna gooooo tooooooo

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Dave's update

Hey guys long time no see or talk..
yea i guess everyone been busy huh?
anyway, as you can see i added the chat box so we can chat a little easier
make good use of it..details on the chatbox account is in this blogs email
got it from cbox website.

Oh check out my assignment videos i did last sem..
hope you guys like it.

well Spring is coming... and its getting warmer
its nice to have a change of weather..
OK i have few questions for you guys! ahah

1. Have you gain weight? haha
2. Meet anyone special? (for the single)
3. Are you guys coming back in December?
4. Any interesting Stories lately? (example: my housemate has pet snakes)
5. What aspect of you do you think you have change?

Try to answer them!
OK time for my lunch!

Friday, 4 September 2009

steph' to KAT and others

hi babe sorry i went off on skype this afternoon! hope you got the files i was sending!
yeahhh im great! of course im good :)
no dwelling in self pity or sadness duhhh
all's good.
oh except for the fact that i put on like a hundred kilos . these steroids are pissing me offff! im not takign them anymore evr again. i'll deal with it old skool! and im watching my diet now. hope to lose by this year end, going to ningaloo reeeff yay :)
babe you and jovy taking mass comm right? whatre you guys majoring in?

no ms yap :( she's gone to further her studies.

misss YOU CHELLE, spoke to your baby this afternnon. was telling him how grown up i am! hah. jk ;) just some talks bout my life now and change.

goodnight all!